How to Prioritize your Wedding Planning

It’s a big deal. The biggest deal and event in your life so far.  Of course you’re a little stressed! And that’s OK. You will remember this date your whole life and you want it to be perfect. And the secret to making it perfect is to have your priorities straight, so that the most important things to you and your spouse-to-be are taken care of, and then the rest of the details will fall into place without so much worry.

  1. FIRST THINGS FIRST –  Remember, and place foremost in your mind that this is the day when you will begin your life together as husband and wife. This, obviously, is what it’s all about. Grooms tend to have an easier time focusing on this than brides, who are more often taking care of every little last detail. And that’s fine, just don’t let the details obscure the view of the thing we will all be helping you celebrate. Someone said this and I can’t remember who, “THE MAIN THING IS TO KEEP THE MAIN THING THE MAIN THING.” So there you have it, look at that ring on your finger and remember why it’s there.
  2. PICK THREE – Panera has you pick-2 but wedding experts say make it 3: Each of you should decide on what the 3 most important things are for your vision of the day. Is the ceremony music? the vows? the views? the food? the photographs? Pick three each and you will have an easier time with all those other budget decisions of things that just are not that important compared with the big 3 (OK 3 each so that makes 6,  but you get the idea).
  3. THAT NUMBER 3 is going to appear again because that is the NUMBER OF QUOTES/ESTIMATES/PRICES you should get to make sure you are getting the best value for your money for whatever it is you are shopping for. This will help you stay within your BUDGET, which is a very good place to be. It would be nice not to  start out in debt before you’ve even begun as husband and wife (althought 74% of couples of go over budget!).  Ask 10 people what they remember most about their wedding and it won’t be the expensive guest favors, the elaborate cake topper or the center pieces with rare peacock feathers. It will be the first look, the kiss, the dance, the radiant bride, the smiles and the special little things that usually aren’t even planned for. So enjoy this full day you have worked so hard to organize,  but the things you may cherish most will often be the sweet unplanned moments that just seem to happen.

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