Pricing Packages


Friday: 9am to 11:00 pm….. $3500

Saturday: 9am to 11:00 pm…..$4000

Sunday: 9am to 9pm…..$3000

Friday and Saturday package: Friday at noon through Saturday 11:00pm…..$4800

Weekdays: 8am to 10pm…..$2600


5% Military Discount or First Responder for couple or their parents
5% Alcohol-free discount

Rehearsal and set up time on the day before is available for an additional fee if there is no event scheduled 6 weeks prior to your event.

Payment Options

$500 Save The Date is available > 12 month in the future (this goes towards the total balance).
50% of balance due and contract signing due at the 12 month date.
Remaining balance due 6 month prior to event.
Payment for outside set up is due at least 2 weeks prior to your event when you know your guest size. A $400 Security Deposit is due at that time as well.

What is Included

  • wooden tables and chairs to seat 180; plastic white tables with table cloths for food service, etc., initial set up.
  • bar space
  • caterer’s kitchen with 2 refrigerators
  • bride’s and groom’s prep rooms
  • men’s and women’s restrooms
  • parking direction
  • 3 strings of lights inside
  • AC or Heat
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Water for outside events in warm weather (we will supply water bottles for the number of guest you have; additional water may be needed)
  • Separate charges for outside ceremonies set up.  See below:

Equipment and Set Up For Outdoor Ceremonies:


50 person capacity: $250.00

150 person capacity: $650.00

200 person capacity: $850.00

Chairs and benches: 

Wooden Folding Chairs: $2/chair

Rustic Benches: $10/bench (each bench seats 5-6 people)

Décor Items

Use of our décor items such as chalk boards, antique window, aisles, mason jars, greens, faux flowers, ladder stand, extra lights, are available for nominal fees of $10-$20. Arbor decoration service available for $125 to $200. Photos with vintage car start at $75 and vary on amount of time desired.



Showers are typically not as large and involved as weddings and are priced accordingly. They are also not booked as far in advance. During May through October they may be booked up to 2 months in advance for Saturday showers.

Saturday  (6 hours)….. $600

Sunday (12 noon to 6pm)….. $600

Weekdays (6 hours)…..$400

Payment in full is required at contract. A refundable $400 security deposit is also required.

Reunions, and other special events

These events are unique. We have held fundraiser dinners here as well as church functions. Depending on the size of the event, they may be billed the same as weddings but are priced on an individual basis.

All pricing packages are subject to change at any time. Of course prices for scheduled events are secure once the date is saved!

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